Buying or Selling? Why haven’t we talked?

Friends —  Welcome to what is to become my monthly real estate newsletter & blog. In this first edition, I wanted to explore a resolution to the question, “why are so many of you buying and selling properties and have not called me?”

My first guess is that you simply do not know that I made a late-30’s career change and am now in real estate. So, in my persuasive, but not pestering manner, I am working to stay top of mind with you all. To do this, my first action item is to touch base with you each month with this relevant, never boring letter.

My next thought is that your Galaxy or iPhone did not back itself up correctly and you must have lost all my contact information. Well, I have a solution for this as well! At the bottom of this letter, I have posted 4 different ways of contacting me. I will send this info each month as we work through this strategy of “staying top of mind.” You can also find my page and contact info by clicking on any of the links in this letter. To make things easy on you, I will also include things one more time here and here just for the heck of it.

Finally, I understand that so many posts get lost in the clutter of social media. I am going to do my best to post relevant, mind-shattering content that you simply cannot scroll past. Let’s face it, real estate is really not that socially interesting, until it affects you. BUT, in the interim, I will keep you educated and up-to-speed so that you are not blindsided by the market or processes when your time comes.

Stop the endless scrolling through listings because today is the day to take a step forward. Allow me to connect you with contractors that will turn your current property into the place you always knew it could be. Let’s work together to find you next home, the one that you have been dreaming of for years now. Or, let me sell your home so that you can take that next leap in life. My contact list is full of the best of the best partners in the greater Greenville area and I would love to share them with you.

I am in real estate. I am here for you. I can help you buy, sell, invest, or simply answer those burning questions that wake you up at night.

If you want to the point, purposeful searches and strategic advice, from a friend that really listens to your wants and needs, then call, text or email me today.

Have something specific on your mind?

I want to hear from you. Please send along any comments or questions you may have. I will reach out directly and can also address your feedback in upcoming newsletters.

Thank you all for your consideration and trust.

Keri T Griffin

864.409.7868 call/text

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